Public Health Preparedness
Vulnerable Populations  
  Natural disasters and local emergencies come in many forms, such as floods, earthquakes, or disease outbreaks.  They can range from being an inconvenience (having no power for one hour) to life-threatening (having your home surrounded by flood waters). 

Vulnerable Populations

Some groups of people are less likely than others to be ready for a disaster.  Those who are often less prepared (vulnerable) include residents who do not have supplies that may be needed in a disaster and those who have unique medical needs or special health conditions. 

Project Toolkit

In 2008, the Health Department implemented a demonstration project to build partnerships with community agencies that serve vulnerable populations.  A toolkit for use by other public health agencies was developed to describe the lessons learned from the Thurston County Vulnerable Populations Project (VPP).  Community agencies are able to rapidly reach vulnerable populations and are able to deliver public health preparedness messages. Attachments are available in other formats.
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