Volunteer & Internship Opportunities  
  The Thurston County Public Health & Social Services Department supports volunteer recruitment and internship placement opportunities that promote and protect the public's health. If you are interested in volunteering or being placed in an internship at our Department, please contact us.

Internship Openings

  • None at this time.

Volunteer Openings

  • Medical Reserve Corps - Uses professionals, with a wide range of skills, to prepare for and respond to all types of community emergencies or disasters.
  • Specialized Recreation - Helps developmentally disabled adults participate in a range of community activities.
  • Syringe Exchange Program - Uses community members to  support activities that stop the spread of HIV and Hepatitis from dirty syringes (needles).
  • Healthy Homes Program - Community members are trained to identify home environmental hazards, and then recommend improvements as a volunteer through home visits and community events.

Advisory Board or Committee Members

Other opportunities
  • Lesley Price at 360-867-2515 or Email
This page last updated: 12/07/16