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Well Construction or Decommissioning Inspection

Thurston County Environmental Health Division must be notified three (3) business days prior to constructing or decommissioning a well. If you are requesting a replacement well, please include your reason for this request along with your Well Construction / Decommissioning Application [PDF].

Staff will review the well construction or decommissioning. The well construction or decommissioning must meet Department of Ecology (DOE) and Thurston County Sanitary Code Article III [PDF] requirements.

There is no Thurston County fee for these inspections; however, there is a fee for review of the well site location if the well is to serve as the drinking water source for a public water system. For additional information, see Well Site Supplemental Application [PDF] and Well Site Application Guidelines [PDF]).

Well Construction / Decommissioning Process Checklist

  1. Submit by faxing to 360-867-2660 or emailing to Stephanie Kenny at kennys@co.thurston.wa.us at least three (3) business days prior to the start of drilling (this can be submitted by the driller, applicant, or property owner):
    • Submit a copy of a completed DOE Notice of Intent to Drill start form. Discuss with your driller
    • Scaled site map
    • Map giving directions to the site
  2. Phone 24 hours prior to drilling the Thurston County Driller Call Line at 360-867-2630 and provide:
    • Drilling company name
    • DOE Start Card number
    • Tax parcel number
    • Site address
    • Applicant's name
    • Date and time driller is expected to be on site and when they expect to seal.

Complete application package requirements are outlined on the Well Construction / Decommissioning Application [PDF] and Well Construction / Decommissioning Guidelines [PDF].

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