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Spills Dept of Ecology

Spills of oil or hazardous materials must be reported.

Contact the Department of Ecology's Southwest Region at 360-407-6300 for spills occurring in Thurston County.

To the best of your ability, please be ready with the following information:

  • Where is the spill?
  • What spilled?
  • How much spilled?
  • How concentrated is the spilled material?
  • Who spilled the material?
  • Is anyone cleaning up the spill?
  • Are there resource damages (e.g. dead fish or oiled birds)?
  • Who is reporting the spill? (This can be kept confidential if you choose)

Complaint Response / Meth Labs

County staff investigate citizen complaints involving alleged illegal dumping, improper disposal, and improper storage. Common investigations include:

  • Illegal dumping of used motor oil
  • Unsafe storage of hazardous waste drums
  • Spills resulting in contaminated soil, surface water, or groundwater...more

Site Hazard Assessment (SHA)

The purpose of the SHA process is to estimate the relative potential risk posed by the site to human health and the environment. This assessment considers air, ground water, and surface water migration pathways, human and nonhuman exposure targets, properties of the substances present, and the interaction of these variables. ...more

Tacoma Smelter Plume

The former Asarco copper smelter in Ruston, Washington, released arsenic, lead, and other harmful chemicals throughout the Puget Sound region. Learn how to reduce contact with contaminants in dirt. ...more

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