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A - C

Last Name First Name Program Assignment Work Number Email
Abell Linda Special Recreation 360-867-2677 Email
Aden Gary Housing & Community Renewal 360-867-2532 Email
Allen Deborah Personal Health Administration 360-867-2547 Email
Baker Debra Drinking Water/Land Use/On-Site 360-867-2628 Email
Benfield Kristin Fiscal 360-867-2527 Email
Berg Sammy Food & Environmental Services 360-867-2568 Email
Brallier Sara Drinking Water/Landuse 360-867-2629 Email
Brinker Phil Drinking Water 360-867-2630 Email
Brooks Rachel Solid & Hazardous Waste 360-867-2584 Email
Buckalew Susan Reception/Vital Records 360-867-2553 Email
Butigan Anne Developmental Disabilities 360-867-2520 Email
Caird Jerry Food & Environmental Services 360-867-2572 Email
Cockrell Diana Chemical Dependency 360-790-8360 Email
Cooper Kathy Housing & Community Renewal 360-867-2544 Email
Cockrell Diana Chemical Dependency 360-790-8360 Email

D - F

Davies Steve On-Site 360-867-2632 Email
Davis Sue Water Quality/Septic System O&M 360-867-2643 Email
Dean Bill On-Site/Solid & Hazardous Waste 360-867-2639 Email
Devine Heather Food & Environmental Services 360-867-2570 Email
Doughty Jennifer Food & Environmental Services 360-867-2576 Email
Downey Dan Regional Support Network (MH) 360-867-2555 Email
Enns Gary Regional Support Network (MH) 360-867-2557 Email
Flynn Michael Fiscal 360-867-2528 Email
Fontenot Cissy PHSS Administration 360-867-2504 Email
Freedman Mark Social Services 360-867-2558 Email
Furtwangler Lisa Maternal Child Health 360-867-2548 Email

G - I 

Gehrig Tina Chemical Dependency 360-867-2509 Email
Goers Jim Developmental Disabilities 360-867-2517 Email
Hansen Cathy Water Quality/Septic System O&M 360-867-2645 Email
Hawkins Chris Chronic Disease Prevention 360-867-2513 Email
Heimbuch Miranda Water Quality/Septic System O&M 360-867-2653 Email
Hodgkinson Lydia PHSS Administration 360-867-2503 Email
Horne Larry Regional Support Network (MH) 360-867-2567 Email
Huff Margaret Special Recreation 360-867-2679 Email
Iverson Erik EH Laboratory 360-867-2631 Email


J - L

Jensen Kim Developmental Disabilities 360-867-2518 Email
Johnson Jennifer EH Education & Outreach 360-867-2577 Email
Joseph Lincoln Veterans' Assistance 360-867-2566 Email
Kaufmann Elisa Chronic Disease Prevention 360-867-2579 Email
Kelly Donna Regional Support Network (MH) 360-867-2556 Email
Kim Lois Regional Support Network (MH) 360-867-2559 Email
Knight Jeanie Investigation & Control of Disease 360-867-2535 Email
Koster Mark Solid & Hazardous Waste 360-867-2578 Email
Lamont Malika Chemical Dependency 360-867-2510 Email
Lehr Amanda Housing & Community Renewal 360-867-2541 Email
Longmire Amy Maternal Child Health 360-867-2542 Email
Loyle Linda Veterans' Assistance 360-867-2565 Email
Lysell Kristy Regional Support Network (MH) 360-867-2560 Email

M - O

Marr Zoe Maternal Child Health 360-867-2546 Email
Martine Apple Maternal Child Health 360-867-2534 Email
Massong Kay Food & Environmental Services 360-867-2571 Email
Matthews Kristy Investigation & Control of Disease 360-867-2536 Email
McElreath Claire Water Quality/Septic System O&M 360-867-2647 Email
McWilliams Lori Developmental Disabilities 360-867-2519 Email
Meyer Cindy Emergency Preparedness/MRC 360-867-2522 Email
Meyer Mark Regional Support Network (MH) 360-867-2561 Email
Miller Joy Fiscal 360-867-2526 Email
Moulton Don Food & Environmental Services 360-867-2573 Email
Mountjoy-Venning Jane EH Education & Outreach 360-867-2582 Email
Nguyen Phuong Investigation & Control of Disease 360-867-2538 Email
O'Garro Mary Ann Epidemiology 360-867-2525 Email


P - R 

Padilla Haylee EH Laboratory 360-867-2633 Email
Patton Kathy EH Admin/Water Quality/Septic System O&M 360-867-2644 Email
Peebles Dawn Onsite/Lab 360-867-2650 Email
Petersen Steve Environmental Health Admin. 360-867-2627 Email
Peterson Bonnie Maternal Child Health 360-867-2543 Email
Plewa Joel Water Quality/Septic System O&M 360-867-2636 Email
Poole Bob Food & Environmental Services 360-867-2574 Email
Poyner Sue Emergency Preparedness 360-867-2551 Email
Quiocho Al Food & Environmental Services 360-867-2575 Email
Remy Marianne Immunization Program 360-867-2524 Email

S -  T

San Nicolas Emmie Personal Health Administration 360-867-2550 Email
Sangston Brad Land Use/Onsite 360-867-2652 Email
Saunders Heather Water Quality/Septic System O&M 360-867-2649 Email
Schnabel Daniel Housing & Community Renewal 360-867-2531 Email
Sherman Cathy Maternal Child Health 360-867-2540 Email
Sloma Don Department Director 360-867-2502 Email
Smith Loretta Fiscal 360-867-2529 Email
Soderberg Patrick Solid & Hazardous Waste 360-867-2586 Email
Starry Art Environmental Health Admin. 360-867-2587 Email
Swanson Patti PHSS Administration 360-867-2505 Email
Tahja Dale On-Site 360-867-2635 Email
Thaller Gretchen Maternal Child Health 360-867-2545 Email
Tipton Dave Water Quality/Septic System O&M 360-867-2651 Email
Tousley Gerald Solid & Hazardous Waste 360-867-2589 Email

U - Z 

Unis Luke Regional Support Network (MH) 360-867-2554 Email
Upson Nicky Solid & Hazardous Waste 360-867-2590 Email
Wagner Feather Fiscal 360-867-2530 Email
Ward Deb Investigation & Control of Disease 360-867-2533 Email
Ward John Land Use/On-Site 360-867-2636 Email
Wigen Lesley Chronic Disease Prevention 360-867-2515 Email
Wimsett Kateri Chronic Disease Prevention 360-867-2516 Email
Wood Rachel Health Officer 360-867-2501 Email


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