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2007-2013 Thurston/Mason County Strategic Plan for Prevention, Intervention, Treatment, and Aftercare Services

This report addresses the six (6) year strategic plan guidelines as defined by Washington State Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery (formerly DASA).

The complete document is available as a PDF file. If you would like to view any of the appendices, please contact Tina Gehrig at 360.867.2509.

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2005-2007 Needs Assessment Report

This report derives its purpose from guidelines which are defined by the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services, Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery (formerly DASA), County Alcohol/Drug Coordinators and Washington State law. The Chemical Dependency Treatment and Support Services Planning Guidelines call for a Needs and Risk Assessment that incorporates a review of:

1) Community Risk Related to Substance Use
2) Needs of Special Populations
3) Issues affecting Substance Abuse Treatment
4) Status of Chemical Dependency Service Levels
5) Criminal Justice System issues related to Substance Abuse or Addiction.

The Complete Document as a PDF file within a ZIP file
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Introduction, Table of Contents, Data Sources
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Part A: Substance Use  
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Part B: Population Trends   
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Part C: Special Topics  
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Part D: Detailed Data and Maps  
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Part E: Appendices 
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