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The Thurston Mason RSN is now the Thurston Mason Behavioral Health  Organization (TMBHO).  

Thurston Mason Regional Support Network

Thurston Mason RSN is a county program responsible for the administration of publicly-funded mental health services for Thurston and Mason Counties. TMRSN contracts for outpatient, crisis, residential, and inpatient services through licensed mental health agencies called "Providers".

The primary focus of these publicly-funded services is to serve Title 19 (TXIX) Medicaid eligible adults who have chronic and persistent mental illness, and children/youth with severe emotional disturbances. Individuals without Medicaid may receive acute care and crisis services based on the availability of funding, which is monitored by the Thurston Mason RSN. The services provided are a vital part of maintaining the communities overall health, safety, and quality of life.

Mission Statement

Thurston Mason Regional Support Network is dedicated to providing mental health services to persons with severe and persistent mental illness to promote quality tenure in our community.

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