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Garbage Dumping & Complaints (Solid Waste)
  Garbage Dumping / Complaints (Solid Waste)  

The solid waste program protects public health by promoting and enforcing the proper disposal of residential waste and construction/demolition debris; permitting solid waste facilities; preventing ground and surface water pollution from illegal solid waste sites; Ascertaining/remedying improper and illegal solid waste activities; and reducing the risk of diseases carried by vectors (animals).

This program carries out regulatory activities under the Rules and Regulations of the Thurston County Board of Health Governing Solid Waste Handling, known as Article V [PDF] of the Thurston County Sanitary Code.

Solid Waste Defined

Solid waste is defined by Article V [PDF] and WAC 173-350, WA State Administrative Code, as "all rotting or decaying (putrescible) and non-rotting or non-decaying (nonputrescible) solid, semisolid, and liquid wastes, including, but not limited to, garbage, rubbish, yard debris, ashes, industrial wastes, contaminated soils, dredge spoils, swill, demolition and construction wastes, abandoned vehicles or parts thereof, wood waste, sludge, dangerous waste, moderate risk waste, recyclable materials, and discarded commodities."

Garbage & Illegal Dumping

Garbage is a subset of solid waste and includes animal and vegetable wastes resulting from the handling, storage, sale, preparation, cooking, and serving of foods. The health department places priority on clean-up of household garbage as it often contains putrescible (rotting/decaying) waste and has a tendency to attract vectors (rodents and flies).

Asbestos Disposal

Asbestos may be found in a wide range of household and manufactured goods. To find out how to properly label and dispose of asbestos-containing materials, please call 360-867-2664 or visit the Dept of Water and Waste Management's Dispose of Asbestos Safely at the Waste and Recovery Center. A permit is required prior to removal of asbestos. For details, please go to the Olympic Region Clean Air Agency website or call 360-539-7610.

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